.: A Resurrected Feature on the ESSMC Web-site:

"Modellers' Matrix" is something I've been toying with over the last few months, partly for selfish reasons - I wanted to find out where the best online sites were to get Detail Sets, Accessories, as well as specific Full Model Kits for particular subjects.

I've come across a few web sites that have some, or most, of the information I was looking for, but thought I'd go part-way through the exercise of collating this information, just to see where it would take me.

Along the way I thought that perhaps I'm not the only Modeller out there who has trouble locating particular items, so I then started to modify the presentation of my findings, so that I could broaden the audience....... to you!!
Here's a brief Screen-Shot of what I've come up with so far, and if I get enough feedback, then I might continue populating with more information over time.......Enjoy, I hope.....

Oh.....and click on the image below if you want to see the whole thing...................Roger T. !;^)}




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